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About us

We provide the best-in-class services for individuals who have been defrauded by both unregulated or regulated Investment platforms.

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About us
Foresight Refund is one of the leading chargeback firms worldwide. Specializing in online scams (Forex, Binary Options, Crypto, romance etc), we pride ourselves on having one of the highest success rates in the industry. We are also known for our no-nonsense approach to confronting scammers in the effort to bring our clients’ money back. We have successfully helped resolve over 4500 unique cases regarding investment scams and has helped investors & clients in different countries recover lost NFTS investments and Crypto Assets, from many fake trading and investment companies
"Solely to protect the crypto-world and bring about a much safer and reliable environment to trade and use cryptocurrencies seamlessly across borders".
Our Results
We are the largest recovery company worldwide and have been in operation since 2014. Starting as a risk management firm before operating as a scam debt recovery service since 2017. Over the past four years, we have recovered in excess of $210,000,000, helping to get back money stolen by scammers for over 6,500 customers. Furthermore, forsight refund is one of few debt recovery services that successfully recovers money from cryptocurrency scams.
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ForeSight Refund
The Team.

Being a hugely successful operator in the scam debt recovery field has led us to have a great many enemies in the criminal world of financial scams. To protect our team, we cannot disclose the names and identities of those who provide invaluable assistance in our effort to get your stolen money and assets back. Among our team, we have a selection of key personnel who ensure the running of our operation is highly efficient and customer orientated. All our employees at Forsight refund have a grounding and experience in the world in which we inhabit, this makes them incredibly effective at their jobs. From Customer Support to Lawyers & Forensic Accountants, anyone you reach within our company is ideally placed to assist you. Starting with the initial process of gathering the evidence, all the way to confronting the scammers and getting your money back, our team will be on your side every step of the way.

What We Offer!
Binary Options Scams

Thousands of fraudulent binary options brokers appear every year and it’s our mission to fight back.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Scams

If you fell into a Cryptocurrency scam, please contact us now.

Forex Trading Scams

The Forex industry is one of the scammer’s favorite grounds. Since the industry is generally known as a legitimate investment option,

Stock Market Scams

If you suspect you’ve lost money due to a fraudulent stock trading scam then contact us now and we’ll work to get your money back.

Credit Card Fraud & Phishing Scams

Thousands of new credit card phishing scams emerge every year and it’s our mission to fight back against the scammers in the names of our clients.

Romance Scams

Every year we help Hundreds of men and women get their money back from romance scammers. Online or offline romance scams can be investigated by us and money lost would be refunded.

Justice delayed is justice denied.
William E. Gladstone

If you’ve been ripped off by scammers, get in touch and our team of experts will work to get your money back